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The 40 Hour Fast


Fasting is all the rage these days. People fast for weight loss, spiritual reasons, or that blood draw the next day (not even coffee next morning!).

Many of us are doing the 40 hour fast. And we don’t even realize it. But we kind of do, too.

Do you find yourself incapable of getting to work on time?

Do you find yourself compulsively checking job listing sites rather than completing THAT report?

Do you make every day casual Friday?

You might be on the 40 Hour Fast.

The 40 Hour Fast is when we’re going to a job that does not feed our soul. Therefore, our soul is on the fast. Life is supposed to be full of meaning, but we find no meaning at work.

So let’s talk why work may be bereft of meaning?

Poor Leadership: When we have a boss who can’t understand us or effectively support us, we are fasting. This can happen even when we love the work we do. If the workplace lacks understanding and cohesion, the meaning of what we do gets quickly corrupted.

Golden Handcuffs: Some people feel stuck because they can’t make the same money any place else. Or they feel stuck because they can’t quit the health insurance that supports the family. Or they fear the leap into a completely unknown field.

Opportunity Knocks: We got into a career path out of chance opportunities offered to us, without intentional career strategizing. When doors open, we take them. But if we only go the route of the doors opening rather than knocking on certain doors, we may wind up feeling stuck.

Let’s talk what we can do.

  1. Be intentional. Know that you’re fasting and accept it for what it is. Right now, work doesn’t excite or motivate you. That is okay. Not every moment has be brimming with meaning, does it?
  2. Focus on the good that comes of the fast. If the products are keeping family safe and sound, that’s not all that bad, is it? If you’re still helping people, that’s better than a stick in the eye.
  3. All fasts are temporary. Keep that in mind. What helps a faster, is knowing when they can break the fast. If you are on the 40 hour fast, it breaks on your drive home. Turn up the radio and celebrate the fast end.

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